Important Documents

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1) Chart showing which guns are allowed on the various ranges.


2) Range layout

Range Layout.pdf

3) Gunhandling checklist for orientation

Gun Handling check list_9-28-2017.pdf

4) Hold Harmless Checklist for Orientation

Hold Harmless checksheet.pdf

5)  New Member Application Form

Memebership application-2017.pdf

6) Hold Harmless Form

Hold Harmless v2.0.pdf

7) Reimbursement form

Cover reimbursement.docx

Cover reimbursement.pdf

8) Range Safety Incident Report

Range safety incident report v 2.1.pdf

9) Bylaws


10) Standard Operating Procedures

SOPs combined_030216.pdf

11) PMRPC Facilities Reservation Request

 (Download, Fill out and Email to

Range Reservation Form v3.8.2018.pdf