Battle Buddy 3 Gun Match

Sunday, August 29, 2021 - 8:00am to 5:00pm
Our clinic is made up of two full days, each consisting of the shooter and each of our staff members, who are going to be instructors and partners- moving the chairs between targets.
We will thoroughly go over firearm safety and handling. Prior firearm experience is not required but is recommended, our staff will work with each individual to teach and explain firearms basics.
After the firearm safety and handling brief, we will dive into the technical aspects of 3Gun and move into firearms familiarization. After a lunch break a mini 3gun stage is hosted to acclimate the shooters to what they can expect on the range.
This is our full range day. It will consist of two full courses that will already be setup. We are going to start off with the first course and will go through as many of these course runs as possible. After this first course, we will then provide a break and lunch. After the break and lunch we will switch to the second course and run this course as much as we can
Our local Match Director will be Duane Smith.
Duane Smith

Veteran Owner/Operator
JCS Weapon Designs LLC
5275 Babcock St NE Ste 10
Palm Bay, FL 32905

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