FSSA State Championships-ATC

Saturday, October 27, 2018 - 8:00am

The 2018 Florida High Power Rifle Championships


The Florida Sport Shooting Association

The 2018 Florida High Power Rifle Championships

Palm Bay, Florida


Date: October 27, 2018

Sponsor:  The Florida Sport Shooting Association

Host: The Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club

NRA Tournament #:  2018156811


For information concerning the Championships:

Information and entry forms: https://www.cognitoforms.com/PMRPC1/FSSAATCRegistration


For mailed payments, send to: Joseph Becker

       2355 Botanica Circle

       West Melbourne, FL 32904

Email:    Jeff Clark



Directions to range: Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club, in the city of Palm Bay, FL. Exit I-95 at exit 173 westbound on Malabar Road, State Rd. 514. Follow Malabar Rd. 4.8 miles to Hurley Road. Go left on Hurley Rd. The gate to the club is at the road's end.


Rules: This is an NRA Registered Match. All current NRA High Power Rules for a Registered Match apply.


Rifles Allowed: Service Rifle (rule 3.1), NRA Match Rifle (rule 3.3). Rifle categories will not be combined under any circumstances.


Ammunition: Rule 3.17, provided by the competitor.


Eligibility: Open to anyone. State Champions must be residents of Florida, and members of the Florida Sport Shooting Association. See Awards.


Entry Fees:

Adult                    $40

Junior                   $25


Entries: Entry deadline is Tues November 8. Walk-on entry is not allowed.


Refunds: Will be whatever portion of the entry fee is left after all fixed costs have been paid.


Limited to 80 competitors. Early registration is encouraged. Competitors must complete an online entry form. Visit the website address above for entry information. Payment will be online or you may mail a check to the address above. You need not be an FSSA member to register online. We will not accept walk-on entries. Please register early.


When you register, please identify special squadding requirements, such as shared equipment, extra help in the pits, junior shooters needing an adult, or any other special consideration. The Chief Range Officer and the Statistical Officer will try to accommodate/balance the requests via squadding.


All competitors are required to read, sign and date a liabilities release form at the match. All minors (under 18 years) must be under direct adult supervision anywhere on the Port Malabar Rifle and Pistol Club property. Minors' forms must be signed by a parent or guardian.


Squadding: FSSA membership and NRA membership numbers and classification cards must be exhibited before squadding assignments are made. Neither FSSA nor NRA membership is required to compete.


Daily Schedule: Check-in starts at 07:00 in the pavilion area behind the 600 yard line, and ends 07:25. Squadding and safety briefing begins at 07:30. First shots at 08:00. If a competitor fails to check-in on time, present himself at the proper firing point when his relay is called, or show in the pits before pits seal, he may lose his right to compete. High Masters and Masters will be grouped together when possible, but this is not guaranteed as per Rule, 11.6.7.


Classifications: NRA High Power Classifications are used. Unclassified competitors will compete in the Master Class. Rule 19.6 Assigned Classification, or 19.2 Temporary classification may be used in making entry.



Florida Champion Awards: A State Champion plaque is awarded for the top aggregate score, in each rifle category where competition exists. Only Florida-resident, FSSA members are eligible for State Champion awards. You can join the FSSA at the match, but to be eligible for Champion awards, you must do so before firing begins.


Match Awards: All competitors are eligible for Match Awards (including Florida Champions.) Match awards will consist of cash.


Class Awards: All competitors except Florida Champions and Match Award winners are eligible for Class Awards. (Champions and Match Award winners are included in the head count of their respective NRA class and rifle category.)  Class awards will consist of cash.


First, Second and Third place are awarded for top scores in the aggregate match, in each NRA class with a minimum of 5, 8 and 11 competitors, respectively. If a class has fewer than five competitors, then competitors may be combined with a higher class. However, in no case will High Masters be combined with any other class. Rifle categories will not be combined.


NRA Distinguished Program:  This championship qualifies as a Step Match.


Course of Fire (Regional Match Course):


Stage 1: 200 yards standing, 2 sighting shots, 20 shots for record in 22 minutes.

Stage 2: 200 yards sitting, 2 sighting shots, 2 strings of 10 shots each with a magazine change in 60 seconds.

Stage 3: 300 yards prone, 2 sighting shots, 2 strings of 10 shots each with a magazine change in 70 seconds.

Stage 4: 600 yards prone, 2 sighting shots, 20 shots for record in 22 minutes.

Championship Match: Aggregate of stages 1, 2, 3 & 4


Targets: 200 yards - SR target, 300 yards - SR-3 target, 600 yards - MR-1 target.


Scoring & Pits: All competitors shall perform scoring duties. Please bring a tablet device capable of WiFi connection, a limited number of tablets are available from the range.  Competitors will report to the pits by designated relays to change targets.


Port Malabar sports a full complement of Silver Mountain Electronic Targets. 


Lodging: The following hotels are within fifteen minutes of the range:

Comfort Suites, 1175 Malabar Road, Palm Bay, FL 32907 (321) 369-1234;

Jameson Inn of Palm Bay, 890 Palm Bay Rd NE, Palm Bay at I-95 and Palm Bay  (321) 725-2952;

Motel 6, 1170 Malabar Rd SE, Palm Bay, FL, 32907  (321) 951-8222.


Local rules: All participants are strongly encouraged to wear eye and ear protection on the firing line and eye protection, ear protection and a hat are strongly recommended in the pits. Every competitor is expected to have every shot in the frame.  Come with a 100 or 200, or 300, or 600 zero, we can give you corrections. Each shooter is responsible for every round. A non-visible miss may be grounds to pull the competitor from the line, even during the sighting period, at the discretion of the Chief Range Officer. 


The scorer must account for all rounds fired. If a non-visible miss cannot be attributed to a cross fire, then the scorer must inform the line officer.


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