Introduction to Action Shooting (Bay 8)

Repeats every year 1 times .
Sunday, September 19, 2021 - 1:00pm

2020 PMRPC Action Shooting Classes Schedule and Description Contact Joe Mitchell, Instructor via email -

Joe Mitchell will again be holding action shooting classes this coming year. Here is the schedule. Please see course descriptions below, as you must meet certain criteria and have certain equipment in order to shoot the different classes:

Jan Introduction Class – Saturday, January 11th 7:30am – 12 noon Bay 8

March Introduction Class Saturday, March 7th 7:30am -12 noon Bay 8

September Introduction Class - Saturday September 19th 7:30am – 12 noon Bay 8,



All shooters must have equipment that is compliant with USPSA or IDPA Equipment Rules, such as either USPSA Limited, Single Stack or Production Division or IDPA Standard Service Pistol, Custom Defensive Pistol or Enhanced Service Pistol. These can be found at

USPSA Rulebook, Appendix D1-9
IDPA Rulebook, Chapter 8

At a minimum, all students must have:
a pistol in 9mm, 40 or 45 caliber or .22 caliber,
four magazines,
magazine pouches,
a holster that covers the trigger guard and fits on the belt, and a thick belt suitable to hold the equipment
Eye and ear protection
Closed toed shoes

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Introduction Class – the new format for 2020 Introduction Classes will be for anyone, but must be attended by those that are entirely new to action shooting and have never shot an IDPA, Steel, and/or USPSA Match, as a prerequisite to attending the other classes I offer:

In this class we go over the basics of basics:

  1. The safe operation and firing of a handgun;

  2. Safety on an action range, including range commands;

  3. Equipment minimums;

  4. Proper Grip;

  5. Pistol marksmanship basics;

  6. Trigger control;

  7. Safe and correct drawing and reholstering mechanics;

  8. Basic Competition Rules and Etiquette.

  9. Attendees/students must show up with equipment that is division legal for an IDPA or USPSA

    Division, according to the division rules which are online.

This is the class that anyone can attend and learn something useful even if they do not ever go on to the other classes of never shoot matches.


Contact Joe Mitchell,

Class is free to club members, $45 for non-members

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