Level II Defensive Handgun

Sunday, January 27, 2019 - 7:30am

This course is designed to increase the student’s proficiency in safety and capability when carrying a concealed handgun, and survivability if in a self-defense situation.

You will learn: … how to fire, load, and conduct immediate action while using your support hand; … how to engage multiple targets; … how and when to use prone, squatting, kneeling, and standing positions;. . . how to conduct facing and distracting movements; … how to respond if disabled or incapacitated.

Course Objectives: Instill broader fundamental skills required to safely carry and use a concealed handgun, and survive in a self-defense close-quarters battle.

Course Requirements: Valid current concealed weapon license and successful completion of Level I Defensive Handgun Course, handgun (automatic pistol or double-action revolver), 4 magazines for automatics or 3 speed loaders for revolvers, rigid holster (no cross-draw or inside the pants holsters), magazine or speed loader pouch as appropriate, 600 rounds of ammunition, eye and hearing protection, suitable range clothing, and other miscellaneous items detailed in the registration form.

The fee for club members is $140 and for non-member guests $150.

For more information, contact John Froscher

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons, Alex - Pistol by Andrew Magill

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