Level III Defensive Carbine

Repeats every year 1 times . Also includes Sat Mar 23 2019.
Saturday, March 9, 2019 - 7:30am
Saturday, March 23, 2019 - 7:30am

Course Length:
The course is one day (8 hours minimum).
Course Objective:
Introduce operator to the operation and manipulation of the tactical carbine/rifle in close-quarters
combat while using cover and concealment techniques.

Course Description:
This course will teach you how to tactically employ your self-defense carbine/rifle and your
concealed carry handgun together as an integrated close-quarters battle self-defense system.

Who Should Attend?
Tactical carbine/rifle operators and instructors with a minimum skill level of INTERMEDIATE who
will be utilizing the tactical carbine/rifle as a defensive weapon or instructing other tactical
carbine/rifle courses, competition and advanced shooters working to enhance tactical carbine/rifle
operating skills, and law enforcement and tactical operations/military personnel who deploy with
the tactical carbine/rifle in the real world.

What the Attendee Will Learn:
You will learn . . . how to move from cover to cover while engaging multiple targets; . . . how to
transition from the carbine/rifle to the handgun and back; . . . how to transition from strong hand to
weak hand; . . . and while handling multiple malfunctions and firing from unconventional positions
Course Prerequisite:
Level 2 CQB Carbine/Rifle and appropriate physical stamina and capability (this is a physically
demanding course).

Physical Requirements:
Candidates must be able to sustain outside environmental conditions of heat and cold. They must
be able to stand for hours and have sufficient strength to operation their equipment at the end of
the day and not suffer from confusion due to fatigue or heat. Candidate must be able to safely and
securely get down to the ground and rise while using only one hand (other holding weapon). This
isn’t Navy SEALS tryout but we want you to be safe and comfortable.

Course Admission Requirements:
Candidates must have completed a minimum of Level 2 Tactical Carbine/Rifle or other equivalent
level of training (proof of training required) such as military or competition experience. Candidates
must be PMRPC members or possess a valid Florida concealed weapon license and be
sponsored by a PMRPC member.

Course Completion Requirements:
Successful completion of practical examinations (timed and scored) and complete attendance is
necessary for certification. Upon successful completion the candidate will be awarded a two-year

Registration and Course Fees:
Enrollment is limited to eight and pre-registration is required. The student to instructor ratio is four
to one. The fee for PMRPC members is $120.00 and $130.00 for non-members. John Froscher
reserves the right to reject any registration submitted on any grounds.
Tactical Carbine/Rifle, Handgun and Equipment:
The participant is welcome to utilize any high-quality, brand-name, magazine-fed, semi-automatic
tactical carbine/rifle (sling with ammo dump pouch or mag pouches) in any common pistol or rifle
caliber. Additionally, a sidearm pistol is required. Sub-compact pistols are discouraged. Highquality,
outside the pants holster and magazine pouch for pistol (three magazines required) AND
100 rounds of high-quality practice pistol ammo are required. 350 rounds are required for tactical
carbine/rifle and a minimum of four magazines. No unauthorized or illegal firearms will be tolerated
on the range. If you have sensitive elbows and/or knees the appropriate tactical pads are allowed.

Training Range (across from Pole Barn, Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club

$200 per student (non-PMRPC Member)
$190 per student (PMRPC Member)
Limited Seating: 8 students maximum
Make check payable to ‘John Froscher’

Mail to: John Froscher
P.O. Box 951337
Lake Mary, FL 32795-1337


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