Situation-Based Training I

Saturday, April 28, 2018 - 8:00am

Class is in Bay 6 on 1.27.18 and 2.24.18 and in Bay 8 on 3.24.18.


Omega Situation Based Training (SBT) will host Situation-Based Training at Port Malabar Rifle and Pistol Club. Force on force situation-based training, as no other training, puts everything one has for testing. This is not about shooting skills - this training is about mind set, making flight or fight decisions, ability to access and think clearly in critical situations. It won't be your usual day at the range, guaranteed.


 If you are a desk ninja or drugstore cowboy and like to pretend to be a super soldier - this class is not for you.


 We won't teach you "super tacticool" stuff: there will be no need to walk in SWAT formation with your AR15 on a one-point sling and shoot paper target at 10 feet with vengeance. Our training is focused on helping regular lawful gun owners survive in critical circumstances of their life. We are not offering one day secret service agent training, we don't have navy seals or KGB operatives on our staff. When training for high stress situations, very short live-or-die encounters, we train not only our ability to do want needs to be done but our mindset as well. In life and death confrontation, no one has the luxury to think: if the bad guy does this, I will do that; if he will do that, I do this. There is no time! Your mind should be on autopilot, directing orders to your muscles. This is what constitutes good training.


 The next classes are Feb 24th (level 1) and February 25th (level 2). This one-day class is limited to 10 people maximum to allow adequate trainer to trainee ratio (no more than 1:5). All equipment will be provided.


 PMRPC Members will receive a generous discount. Contact Sam Barbakoff at to get additional information on the club discount, for questions or to register.  Deposit or full payment may be made by check or Paypal two weeks before the class to receive maximum discount. More information is available at




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