Action Defense/Competition Practice

Repeats every month on August on the second Tuesday 3 times .
Tuesday, September 8, 2020 - 4:30pm
Tuesday, August 10, 2021 - 4:30pm
Tuesday, August 9, 2022 - 4:30pm


Port Malabar Action Area Women’s Practice will always begin with safety first on our range, with a confident
understanding of our Range & Action Area Rules and SAFE firearm handling.
• Action shooting IS NOT a Firing Line target shoot with multiple shooters on a line.
• This practice IS Action Shooting on Steel targets - one shooter at a time moving and shooting through a designed course of fire with an RO/timer and a Results person.
* This practice IS NOT a Beginning Pistol Practice.
• This IS a great opportunity for PMRPC women to further their firearm handling skills on a 
moving, action designed course safely.
For women of all age brackets, the Action shooting experience and matches can be overwhelming 
and intimidating. This practice time will help any experienced firearm handler maintain and grow her 
skills with confidence and steady support of other women on an action course of fire.
Please note: This IS NOT a practice for learning to shoot! This IS practiced, experienced women  shooters wanting to further their skills and learning with other women thru strong foundations in the
• Range Safety Rules
• Safe Gun Handling
• Steel Targets
• Movement while shooting
• Course Strategies
• Target Acquisition
• Firearm Foundation Skills
• Drawing from a Holster or Low Ready
• Strong hand/Support hand shooting
The use of our Action Area is a privilege not an right. Everyone’s SAFETY is our first priority!
It is also a very exciting shooting experience! PMRPC holds various matches both steel and paper every weekend which help to build gun handling skills and teaches course understanding to further anyones knowledge and abilities while instilling confidence for self defense and/or competition FUN!
Every month we have more women trying our competition Level 1 matches. As our women’s group grows to support a full squad at a match, we can all shoot together! I encourage ALL of our experienced firearm women to come out to learn and/or shoot some action!
Pistols and Rifles in caliber choices of 9mm and .22 are popular for practice sessions! PMRPC Range Rules are always in effect and must be followed.
Please bring EAR PROTECTION, water and snacks as needed. Possible LUNCH after the AM practice!
MARCH 25th - Wed 8:30 am
APRIL 7th - Tues 4:30pm and Wed 22nd - 8:30am
MAY 12th - 4:30pm and Wed 27th - 8:30am
JUNE 9th - Tues 4:30pm and Wed 24th - 8:30am
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