High Power Orientation

There is a $10 Range Fee, which goes to the club. If you do not have the cash or a check, you will be asked to come back to the next orientation.

These matches are open to Club Members seeking to be qualified to use the 600 yard range during the week. Matches are held on Sunday of the fourth full weekend of the month. Plan to arrive early. The squading is at 7:30 AM. We begin shooting at 8 AM. We try very hard to be finished by 12 PM.

First relay will have 30 minutes of 200-yard slow fire block time. You may use this time to shoot standing, sitting, or prone loading and firing one shot at a time. You may use more than one rifle. Swap relays and repeat. Second, we will shoot 30 minutes of block time for prone slow fire from the 600-yard line. Swap relays and repeat 600-yard drill.

You will need to bring your rifle, at least 15 rounds of ammunition, front rest/ bipod and rear bag, or sling. You must have a good 200 yard zero on your scope and know what your come up/sight adjustment is to go to 600 yards. Holdovers are not allowed.

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