PMRPC is a private club that is open to anyone who supports the Second Amendment and is eligible to own firearms. PMRPC does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex or religious affiliation. Orientation for prospective members is held at 9 A.M. on the fourth Saturday of every month at the club. There are four parts to orientation: a classroom session, a tour of the range, a short demonstration of proper gun-handling demonstrated by shooting by all applicants and a short safety range survey.  You’ll need a picture ID (driver’s license, military ID, CCW or the like) and your membership fees. Because the club is a 100% NRA-affiliated facility, we also require all our members to have current membership in the NRA.

‚ÄčSafety is the primary concern at PMRPC. For the gun handling review, you will be asked to bring either a pistol or .22 rifle with which you are familiar. Bring it UNLOADED in a case or holster that encloses the trigger guard and leave it locked in your car. Please make sure the magazine is unloaded as well. Make sure to bring some ammo, too. You will be asked to walk through a short demonstration of proper range protocol, and the safe loading, firing and unloading of your gun and take a short safety quiz demonstrating your knowledge of PMRPC range rules and gun handling.

If a range safety officer has concerns about your gun handling, you will be scheduled for a short refresher course on proper protocols. You may be able to do that immediately after the other candidates have completed their gun handling reviews. This is not about marksmanship, but ensuring that safe gunhandling is being practiced by all members. 

What does it cost? Yearly dues are $150 for full members. To join the club, you must also pay a $200 initiation fee. The initiation fee is waived for active-duty military, active law enforcement officers and 1ST Responders (Fire, EMT and paramedics).

Yearly dues are pro-rated by month, based on when you join. Renewals are due in June. If joining in March or April, you will be paying for the remainder of the current year and the next full year. Associate Membership is available to relatives living in the same household (spouses, significant otheres or childern under the age of 26) as a Full or Life Member. There is no initiation fee for Associate Members. Their yearly dues are $35. All Full Members must be NRA Members. Associate Members are not required to be NRA Members.

Here’s how the fees will break out for new members joining the club:

Total Cost to Join   Associate Dues  
January $250.00 $13
February $237.50 $10
March $375.00 $42
April $362.50 $39
May $350.00 $35
June $337.50 $32
July $325.00 $29
August $312.50 $26
September   $300.00 $23
October $287.50 $20
November $275.00 $17
December $262.50 $14

How To Join