Smallbore Rules revised 4/3/2018 by Dennis Gollehon

Introduction: The Smallbore Range is available for use in benchrest and position shooting at 50 and 100 yards. Casual shooting is defined as any activity that is not part of an organized event. Casual shooting is allowed on the section of the range with permanent, post-and-board target backers. Competitive shooting takes precedence over casual use of this range.

Range-specific Rules: Firearms allowed: All modern rimfire rifles; and pellet rifles and pellet pistols. Allowed positions: Benchrest and prone are the only positions allowed for casual shooting at the 100-yard firing line. On the 50-yard side, guns may be fired from benchrest, or from standing, kneeling, sitting or prone positions.

All muzzles must point in a safe direction at all times. All bullets must impact directly into the berm.

The only time muzzles may point over the berm is when shooters are slinging-up. To sling-up, the rifle must be made safe – bolt back, magazine out and chamber flag inserted in the chamber. The flag can be pulled and the mag inserted once the shooter is in the proper shooting position and the muzzle is pointing in a safe direction.

Getting into position: Guns must be made safe before assuming any position, changing position or donning a sling. The rifle must be placed in safe condition on the mat before getting into any lower position. When finished shooting the string, the rifle must be returned to the mat in a safe condition. Getting into position with a loaded rifle is prohibited.

All shooting must be conducted from a single firing line. The default firing line is the target side of the concrete pad. If shooters want to shoot from the grass that is down range from the concrete pad, all shooters must agree to move to the grass.

Only aimed, deliberate fire is allowed.

All firing must be at paper targets affixed to club-approved target backers. NO ground targets are allowed. No targets may be posted closer that the established target line on the 100 yard side. Targets that are posted at distances of less than 50 yards on the 50 yard side must be posted such that the bullet will have a trajectory insuring direct impact into the berm:

  • For standing, targets must be posted so that the bullet will impact into the berm and not into the ground.
  • For lower positions, targets must be posted so that the bullet will not pass over the berm.
  • For benchrest shooting, targets must be posted so that the center of the target is four feet above the ground.

The red range flag on the pole must be raised to indicate the range is in use. Red/green range safety flags must be posted whenever the range is in use to indicate the “Hot” or “Cold” condition of the range. Prior to moving downrange from the firing line, all rifles will be made safe and the line called “Cold.”

Each shooter may only fire at the target backer directly in front of his position.

At the completion of shooting, all casings must be swept up and the firing line policed.

Red cans are provided for disposal of live or misfired rounds. No unfired ammo – live or misfired – may be disposed of in the trash containers.

For more information contact the Smallbore Chairman: or visit our rifle website's smallbore matches page